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Mandag, 31 Oktober 2016 08:54

BLUS pumpkin carving

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Pumpkin carving is also a lesson in Danish "hygge". Pumpkin carving is also a lesson in Danish "hygge". Foto: Out & About TV / screendump.
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Every Wednesday at Analog Bar in Huset-KBH a bunch of people gather - not always with a special agenda, but to have a good evening around nice people.

BLUS is a social, educational and cultural organization run by and for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) students in Copehagen and around.

They welcome everyone to take part in our activities, regardless of occupation, age, sexual orientation and gender identity. Their main purpose is to create a space where people can meet each other, learn things, and have an impact on what goes on.

BLUS nights are held each Wednesday in a café in the culture house Huset-KBH, from 7 pm onwards. Each night starts with program, but you can choose whether you want to attend this or come a bit later just to hang out and meet people.

In addition to the weekly café, BLUS have other events popping up every once in a while.

BLUS arranges these events and everyone is welcome.

See Out & About TVs report from the pumpkin carving below.


Pumpkins carving at BLUS. Video: Out & About TV.
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